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Salt Water Dreams

Posted by Erica Wynn on

Here at Aloé we love the Ocean and the way it makes us feel, in fact, it is scientifically proven that spending more time by the ocean benefits our general health and wellbeing.

Continue to read on and discover why a little bit of sunshine, sand and salt is so good for us.



The ocean is a natural calming remedy for stress. Whether you are being soothed by the cool blue and green hues of the ocean, or calmed by the meditative sound of waves crashing, it is easy to find your zen by the seaside. 


The seawater is full of minerals known to fight infection and inflammation. The saltwater will soothe sore muscles and heal our skin.




Did someone say free pedicure? Not only is a long walk on the beach a great way to keep active and clear our mind, the sand acts as a natural exfoliant, leaving our skin feeling amazingly soft.


 When our skin is soaking up the sunshine, our body produces vitamin D, an essential nutrient supporting many vital functions in the body from your immune system and bone health, right through to your mood.

(Don’t forget your sun protection – sunscreen, a hat, and an Aloé cover up, should of course still be an essential part of your beach day!)




So why not put on your favourite Aloé swimsuit and spend some time at the beach this weekend? Focus on how it feels to have your feet in the sand, shut your eyes and breath in the ocean air, we promise you that there is nothing better for the soul than a bit of vitamin sea.

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