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A day in the life of our Director and Designer...

Posted by Erica Wynn on

Tell us about your morning routine...

I like to start my mornings the same every day, I wake up early and head to the beach to check the surf. Sometimes I’ll head out for a paddle, otherwise I opt for a power walk along the beach. After this I’ll grab a skinny caramel latte from my local and then head home to start work - I love my morning ritual!

My work day usually begins with responding to emails and reviewing our stats from the previous day, this is also usually mixed in with content strategy and planning. 


Lunchtime is here!

It doesn’t take long for lunchtime to roll around, I like to break up the day and usually take the opportunity for a quick home workout, and then I'll sneak in some lunch...I have been obsessed with smoothies lately in this warmer weather.



What do your afternoons look like?

My afternoons are usually spent assisting the team with processing and packing orders, as well as dropping parcels off at the post office - I love to be involved in this aspect.

Amongst the chaos you will also find me working on our marketing strategy with the team, planning our newsletters and working on anything else that requires my attention - there is always something to do!

The day is almost done…what does your evening ritual look like?

I like to wind up my day in the same place they begin - I head down to the beach to catch the sunset, and then I'll head home and cook dinner. In the evening I usually like to do a bit of design work which can involve anything from reviewing new prints, creating new styles or experimenting with different textures and patterns. Some nights I also love to just curl up on the couch with a glass of vino or a cup of peppermint tea and relax - it’s all about balance.



What do you love most about your job?

Our customers! - Running and owning a small business is challenging, and I would be lying if I said that every day is easy. Being a small business, every single order is truly appreciated and makes all those late nights and long days worth it. Thankyou to all our beautiful customers around the world. We love seeing you in your swimwear and beachwear pieces xx

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