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RUMAH - SS 14/15

ALOÉ SWIMWEAR would like to introduce you to their 2015 collection, ‘RUMAH’ (Indonesian for Home).
With loved ones and home proving to be the epicenter of founder and designer Chloe Chapman’s life, the beautiful beaches of Northern Sydney, which she calls home, naturally created a blank canvas for Chloe to base her second collection around.
Just north of the picturesque city of Sydney lays a stunning stretch of coastline from Manly to Palm Beach. Here you will find a relaxed beachside ambience with the Pacific Ocean on one side and Pittwater on the other, the peninsula covers about 18 km of open coastline. Chapman explains, “…Some places just never seem to lose their sparkle and for me that sparkle is simplicity”
With simplicity at the foreground of Chapman’s mind this collection brings to you the fundamentals of swim; clean cut, easy to wear pieces, that are again ALL, as promised reversible... Mix-and-match, turn inside out, possibilities are proven to be endless with ALOÉ SWIMWEAR’S striking 2015 collection.
Available online at WWW.ALOESWIMWEAR.COM and selected Australia and US boutique stores, see our stock lists for more details.
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