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A new way to tie your suits

Our Reef One Piece is a beautifully designed remake of our Al One Piece from our “Rumah” collection.With a new crossover detail, we show you 3 different ways you can tie your new one piece. 1. The Base Tie To create this look, un-loop the straps and re-thread them by bringing them straight down and through the base loops. (Without crossing them over at the shoulders). Pull the straps through the loops to meet in the middle, tie them up and voilà!     2. The Cross Back This is how the one piece comes. The straps cross over the shoulders and thread through the loops at the back.  Pulling the suit nice and tight for a fitted, flattering look.     3....

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Theres those times in your life where you get to experience those pinch yourself moments… well in April this year, I got to experience one of those moments, take a look! My man Paul and his DJ partner Leigh (better know as Cutsnake – listen here!)  were invited to play at the annual Summit Series on Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah (I was fortunate enough to tag along). Boy was it an absolutely incredible experience to say the least. For those of you who may not know much about the Summit Series, “Summit is made up or entrepreneurs and artists, neuro-scientists and musicians, non-profit founders and global explorers, humble innovators and diverse thinkers from around the world” In 2013, Powder Mountain was purchased...

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