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Aloé swimwear began its journey in 2013 by talented young designer and entrepreneur, Chloé Chapman. Chloé being very ambitious, always dreamed about launching her own swimwear line and along with determination, will power and the support from her loved ones, she was able to turn those dreams into reality with the birth of Aloé Swimwear. The name Aloe', pronounced Al-oh-we, is derived of A for Alyson (mum) and loé, from the end of Chloé, with the name Chloé actually meaning ‘green shoot’.

Chloé was raised in a very close-knit family of mum and dad, 1 brother and 2 sisters on the picturesque Northern Beaches of Sydney. She was born to be a sun, ocean and beach worshipper and has a love for everything that the beach culture has to offer, especially that perfect suit.

She studied events, media and communication and has a strong background in fashion, marketing and advertising having previously worked at a publishing firm. She thrives on being creative, unique and endeavors to offer the most beautiful, seamless and premium yet affordable swimwear.

Chloé is ecstatic about the launch of her line and can't wait to see Aloé Swimwear worn on beautiful beaches and in resorts around the world.